Premarital Agreement Attorney Tulsa

Marriage contracts, commonly known as Prenups, are pre-marital contracts that determine the financial and property rights of any person prior to marriage and can deal with things such as the division of ownership and settlement in the event of divorce. Marriage contracts are usually entered into in situations where the future husband and wife own separate property that they want to preserve for themselves or their heirs. Marital agreements can be challenged in the Court of Justice, so it is important to ensure that the agreement is properly drafted and concluded in good faith with full knowledge of the impact of its rights. Best practices include full financial disclosure among themselves, each party has its own independent lawyer to advise them on the terms, and plenty of time to think about it before signing it. The purpose of a marriage agreement is to restrict a spouse`s ability to own the property of the other spouse before marriage and/or to restrict or prevent the inheritance of the other spouse`s estate in the event of death or divorce. These contracts are applied when the parties marry and a divorce occurs later. A post-marriage agreement does the same thing, but it is done after marriage to define the terms of settlement in the event of divorce. A well-thought-out marriage agreement will also clarify how joint bank accounts, management accounts and credit card payments are managed. Pre-marital agreements can also provide instructions on how disputes are handled, for example through .B out-of-court settlement of disputes. The court must approve the agreement and will only do so if it is fair and if both parties have concluded it without coercion. Money can be an important point of disagreement in a marriage.

Financial matters are one of the most common things for spouses to argue, and one of the most frequently cited reasons for divorce. In fact, some studies have shown that financial differences are the second most common cause of divorce, just after infidelity. The benefits of marriage contracts are not limited to wealthy couples or wealthier spouses. Your financial situation may well improve during your marriage and a pre-marital agreement can help you avoid any dispute over how the assets you and your spouse acquired during the marriage are distributed in the event of a divorce.