Partner Program Agreement Shopify

Find out how, as a Shopify partner, you can make sales. With over 1,000,000 resellers using the Shopify platform, there are endless possibilities for you to expand your business with Shopify. This article gives an overview at a level the .B. current, what to do to start as a Shopify partner. A referral partner is a partner who has registered for a partner account via the Shopify Partner Program page and has obtained the service through: While Shopify Plus partners are likely to have higher sales, they are unlikely to evolve as fast as standard shopify partners due to the wider requirements to join their program. “Shopify Billing API” is the application programming interface that allows developers to create and charge at distributors and transfer payments to Shopify. To avoid any doubt, the Billing Shopify API is considered part of the Shopify API, as defined under the Shopify API conditions. If you already have a Shopify account, you can skip this and connect to Shopify partners with your email address. You will be automatically redirected to the process of creating a partner program account. “Canal Program” refers to Shopify`s distribution channel program, which allows channel developers to create a channel application using the SDK distribution channel. So how can you take the Shopify train and enjoy its success? By participating in the Shopify Partner Program. program.

A description of the expert program is available at help.shopify.com/partners/faq/experts (the “expert program”). Experts must follow all Of Shopify`s policies presented here in order to continue to access the expert program. However, standard partners can continue to pass on Shopify Plus to their customers and offer their services to Shopify Plus resellers. 11.4 Effect of termination; obligations of the contracting parties upon termination of their duties. At the end or expiry of the agreement, the partner (a) will refrain from presenting itself as a Klaviyo promoter or distributor or as a Klaviyo recommendation partner; b) will immediately cease the use of Klaviyo marks and Klaviyo materials and (c) will return to Klayovi klaviyo material and all material objects held by or under the partner`s control and contain confidential information. At the end or expiry of this Agreement, Klaviyo will return to its partner any material objects held by or under Klaviyo`s control containing confidential information from its partner. At the end or expiry of this agreement, all licences granted under this agreement expire. The expiry or termination of the Agreement for any reason, except in accordance with Section 11.2 for a substantial violation by the Partner, does not exempt Klaviyo from its obligation to pay the partners the referral fee to be paid under this Agreement with respect to eligible recommendations that have been accepted by Klaviyo or which have been accepted by Klaviyo.