Study Assistance Agreement

Applications for study assistance are submitted by the human resources department on a semi-annual basis and must be submitted either on the “Request for Support – New Curriculum” form or on the “Right to Study Assistance/Study” form before the start of each semester, with the exception of one-year courses where applications are submitted at the beginning of the year. Applications must be accompanied by proof of course registration. Before the studies begin, requests are forwarded to the data protection delegate for recommendation to the Category 4 or higher delegate. Staff studying at an institution other than the University of South Queensland must submit their application to the Executive Director (Human Resources) for approval. The maximum duration is two hours per course per week, with a maximum of four hours per week per semester (except during the semester holidays), regardless of the type of study allowed, up to four courses per year maximum. Supporting staff members are encouraged to submit a copy of their qualifications to the human resources department for registration. Financial support is not available for Higher Degree by Research programs. Student assistance is limited to a program of study for the granting of post-secondary qualifications, diplomas, diplomas, certificates (including TAFE or other registered training organisations) or other accredited qualifications. The Executive Director (Human Resources) will advise staff and delegate in writing on the choice of new curricula, including the level of assistance to higher education. The study should relate directly to the employee`s current primary tasks and/or likely professional career within the university. For a bachelor`s degree, at least 50% of the program must meet this requirement, and at least 75% for postgraduate studies.

Financial assistance consists of a taxable allowance paid through the university fund for a maximum of four courses per year, regardless of the status or structure of the fees to be paid in the event of a successful education or study program. No other financial assistance is provided. The maximum education support, available for both time allocation and financial assistance, is four courses per year per authorized staff. Financial assistance is only provided for courses where an employee has personally paid for the course and has not received any other university-funded financial assistance for his or her studies, for example. B payment by a scholarship. Authorization or other support for studies conducted in an institution other than USQ Financial Assistance may also be available to Level B staff who do not have a Doctoral qualification to complete an approved program of study, to acquire a doctoral qualification in a field relevant to their area of expertise and in accordance with the objectives and objectives of the USQ. In this case, requests for financial assistance are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the human resources department, in conjunction with the delegate. Approval of financial assistance Expenditures from central funds The release of time should be used for study purposes (e.g.B. participation in courses/tutorials on or off-campus, residential or examination school attendance, private studies or research). In order for staff to be eligible for assistance, the study must be conducted at the University of South Queensland, unless the university does not offer a similar program. Staff studying at an institution other than the University of South Queensland must provide a written justification to the Executive Director for approval or otherwise.