State Of Alaska Telework Agreement

After confirming the details of the telework agreement with their superiors, employees should use the link of the telework agreement renewal email to request a telework agreement. Once they have submitted the telework agreement, they receive an email confirmation informing them that the agreement has been sent to the supervisor for verification. The supervisor then receives an e-mail generated by the system, along with the details of the telework agreement. Monitoring should check the details before approving or denying them. If the superior disputes this, the supervisor is required to indicate the reason for the case. The refusal email generated by the system is then sent to all parties involved. If the employee has been asked to review the agreement, the employee should click on the link in the copy of the refusal and file a corrected telework agreement. Yes, if you have an official working time, you are covered by the work allowance during telework. Work-related injuries should be immediately reported to your supervisor and reported on the corresponding injury report. You should set a work plan with your telecommuting employee, including lunchtime and break hours. You should tell them what your expectations are if they have to adjust their lunch or breaks If your teleworker is injured while working at home, it should be reported according to the same procedures, as if they had been injured on state property. Please note that some of the resources on this page came from other sources outside the state of Alaska.

They should be used as a general resource for telecommuting, but some content may not apply. Telework schemes must comply with all government laws, regulations and guidelines on public employment. Kelly Tshibaka, commissioner of the administration department, sent an email Tuesday to state authorities outlining the steps to take to plan ahead so that employees work remotely if necessary. You should work with your telecommuting staff to set a regular check-in schedule, whether daily, weekly or several times during the week. If you find that a teleworker is not on duty, you must work with your HR Consultant agency to meet their performance. In addition, you should be aware that telework agreements need to be reviewed every year. Employees receive a renewal notification from DOI 30 days before their telework contract expires.