Rsu 23 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Moutsatsos, 69, is retiring after 36 years as a contributor to the Old Orchard Beach School, attending local schools and taking courses at the University of Southern Maine and the University of New England. She was for many years president of the Maine Education Association Support Staff Local Union and was involved in the OOB Community Friendly Connection`s Atlantic Courts project. She loves the garden, the golf course, loves artistic projects and spends time with her partner of 40 years. She said the biggest challenge for the school system was unknown at this time. “Our biggest immediate challenge will be to keep everyone safe, the most important issue until the virus is stopped,” Flaherty said. “This is a very unusual time. We are fortunate at the OOB to be able to offer four days of school. We also have a very good Distance Learning Academy for students who need to learn from a distance.¬†Sauls said the school budget “will be a front-line and central challenge while making progress” in the wake of coronavirus. “I am ready to work together to use creative means to run our schools,” she said. With regard to compensating for necessary services and an appropriate property tax rate, she believes that it is possible to provide children with a quality education and experience while they are fiscally responsible. It found that RSU 23 is on the list of districts that need a new building. “As a former teacher, I know the daily challenges that can take place in a school,” Sauls said. I am so proud of RSU 23 and the way it has worked to allow our students to go to school in person, four days a week.

I also think that our school system has a well-thought-out plan to meet the needs of all students if we were to return to distance education full-time. This has already manifested itself in March, when we were brutally pushed into distance education. RSU 23 has the advantage of having a small school system with beautiful class sizes. “I want every child in this community to have a quality education,” Moutsatsos said. I want every teacher and support staff to feel appreciated. My job, if elected, will be to support students, parents and school staff. The Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier asked the candidates about themselves and their thoughts on the topics. Here are their responses sent by email, in alphabetical order: “Many plans and preparation went safely to the opening,” said Moutsatsos. Students, parents and staff were well informed and prepared. I continue to worry as the colder weather approaches. I think that openness and openness to the safety of all is a work that is underway.

I am confident that the school administrators will stay informed and make difficult decisions if we move forward. My hat is for all the employees of the school in a very stressful time. Regarding the objectives, Flaherty stated that RSU 23 was quite high on Maine`s list of school buildings. LaSalle, Head of Software Development at IDEXX Inc., has a bachelor`s degree in computer information systems and is a volunteer with Boy Scout Troop 310 in Saco. Married, LaSalle, 49, has two children who attend district schools. “I feel like the current board has done a very good job with the budget,” Flaherty said. “Our first budget for 2020-21 this year called for a 2 per cent increase. However, when COVID-19 opened our heads, we decided to present a revised “COVID budget” that required a negative increase for OOB taxpayers. Candidates talk about their goals, budgets and COVID-19.