Mpfsee Agreement

Contribute to the flagship of connectivity by establishing the framework for the signing and implementation of a framework agreement on trade facilitation with a view to gradual liberalisation and reciprocal opening of services markets within the framework of European integration. It was concluded in August 1999 in Skopje, on the basis of the agreement of the Multinational Peacekeeping Force of South-Eastern Europe (MPFSEE) between the defence ministers of the participating countries on 26 September 1998. [1] The brigade is available for UN, NATO or EU peacekeeping operations, but can also be used independently as an autonomous entity. [2] Seeic is currently pursuing three main objectives: (a) the implementation of the MARITIME 2020 STRATEGY; b) strengthening the region`s competitiveness through targeted joint actions and strengthening regional value chains; c) promoting the sea region as an attractive commercial and investment objective. . Wise`s main focus is on promoting cooperation between local researchers and researchers abroad, with a particular focus on the scientific diaspora, in order to facilitate the sharing of major research organizations and to promote centres of scientific excellence. Wise also encourages the mobility of young researchers and PhD students in the Western Balkans region and between the region and other countries. Wise is working to strengthen cooperation and coordination between research organizations for more strategic investments in research infrastructure and to promote cooperation between research organizations and industry. The objectives of the SWG RRD are: (a) to improve regional cooperation between the ministries of agriculture in MER; b) facilitate the exchange of information on rural issues and rural development; (c) help participating institutions identify mutual needs and interests; (d) create opportunities for the exchange of experience and know-how between participating institutions with different international organisations and institutions; (e) to provide new ideas and tools relevant to agricultural and rural development policy; (f) to share and develop initiatives to promote the rural agenda. The main objectives of this initiative are to contribute to the establishment of disaster management organizations with institutional capacity to improve disaster preparedness and preparedness in the region`s economies.

The e-SEE initiative continues its efforts to achieve the objectives of e-SEE Agenda Plus, the strategic document for the development of the information society, signed at a ministerial conference in Sarajevo on 29 October 2007. Through its arms control and defence and security cooperation activities, particularly in defence management training and training, RACVIAC is continuously contributing to the RCC`s objective of improving security and stability at sea. Among the SEDM initiatives is the Multinational Peacekeeping Force of South-Eastern Europe (MPFSEE), created by the MPFSEE agreement and known as the South-Eastern European Brigade (SEEBRIG). The initiative includes a brigade consisting of a field force, acting on call and having its operational nucleus team.