Das Software License Agreement

Q-DAS® GmbH – Co. KG owns copyright for all software that can be downloaded from this server (`Software`). The software can only be used in accordance with the “General Terms of Use of Software” that are part of the Software or are associated with it (“Licensing Agreement”). End-users can only install and use software that is licensed if they agree to the terms of the license agreement. Only end-users within the meaning of the licensing agreement are allowed to download and use the software. Any reproduction and subsequent dissemination of the software, except under the licensing agreement, is expressly prohibited. Any offence is considered a civil and/or criminal offence. Q-DAS® pursues a policy of cracking down on all these violations and will enforce all its civil and criminal rights. WITHOUT BIAS, COPYING OR REPRODUCING SOFTWARE ON ANOTHER SERVER OR ONTO ANOTHER LOCATION WITH THE OBJECT OF FURTHER REPRODUCTION OR AGAINST DISTRIBUTION IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. OUR WARRANTY ONLY ON THE SOFTWARE WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE LICENSING AGREEMENT. BEYOND THE WARRANTIES AUSDR-CKLICH GRANTED AND THE LIABILITY ACCEPTED IN THE LICENSING AGREEMENT, Q-DAS® WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY FURTHER CLAIMS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. Every authorized buyer is responsible for ensuring that he has a licensing agreement that meets the requirements of the state (or for non-governmental organizations, authorized buyers) for any software used by his employees, contractors or agents.

The use of all software is subject to a licensing agreement. This licensing agreement may have several names (EULA, ELA, EA, CLP, etc.); it may even appear as a click on a website. At the highest level, a licensing agreement sets out the conditions for the application of the software; This is the list of what the end user can and cannot do with the software and often exposes the consequences of violating the agreement. Information technology SRRPs are contractually required to assist authorized purchasers in establishing acceptable licensing agreements. Public sector organizations can purchase, implement, test and provide a wide range of software solutions as well as essential professional hardware and services as part of a contracting. It offers customers the choice to purchase cloud and on-premise software or a combination of both as part of an agreement. You can purchase from this contract through direct award, competition or the use of our complementary aggregation service. Licensing agreements must be verified and approved by the DOJ if the value exceeds the threshold for verification and approval of the legal sufficiency, if the agreement is intended for national use or where it is not otherwise exempt.

You don`t need to sign up to use the agreement, unless you want to use one of our tools. For example, the government eMarketplace or the eSourcing tool. The Q-DAS® website contains PDF documents that describe our products and software that are available for download under the terms of download on our website and in our terms and conditions. They should be allocated on the basis of the most economically advantageous offer and make the evaluation methodology, including the evaluation criteria and weights applicable to individuals, available to suppliers. Reverse electronic auctions can be held as part of another contest between all lots. Below is a brief background on copyright and liability. You will find more information in our terms and conditions of sale. You have the right to use, copy and disseminate the documents and graphics available on this server under the following conditions: All rights not expressly granted here are reserved.