Cancel Contract Agreement Taiwan

Hello, I`m in a stressful situation, so I hope someone can provide me with some information on what to do. Sorry in advance for the long story: I work in a company (in distribution) for 8 months, I gave my resignation letter to my boss last Friday to leave on April 25 (it`s just over 10 days before, I leave Taiwan on April 30. She first wanted me to stay a month and say it was company policy, but my contract says nothing about an early termination (so I checked labour law, and less than a year, it was 10 days notice), in the end she agreed to finish on the 22nd, exactly 10 days. She told me to give her everything on Monday to do the paperwork and not need emails, but as she has already done other illegal things… I sent her an email as an official resignation (although she told me not to). She responded to that email on Sunday that we needed to talk about my commitment to employment. Now my contract just says I`m committing for 2 years, so it`s a 2-year contract, but it says nothing about compensation or anything. Today I asked her to start the papers (I have to pay my taxes because I am leaving Taiwan on April 30), and she told me that she had not accepted anything. I said I was calling the CTC (which is true) and they told me that the email was valid because it was responding, which is why they read it. But she insists that I break the contract and she will not give me any paper (taxes or end of contract) because she did not accept anything. I`m going to call the CTC to report it, but I have to leave Taiwan (I don`t plan to work here again) and I worry about taxes and, of course, that it won`t pay me this month (99% it won`t pay me). Is it legal? Any advice? “In the event of forced dismissal, the worker has the right to file a claim in 1955 by allowing him not to have committed a breach of contract.

[Quote] When the term of service rental is fixed, the service lease ends at the end of this period. If the duration of the rental of services is not fixed or cannot be determined according to the nature or purpose of the services, any party may terminate the contract at any time, but if the rights are in favour of the worker, those rights are respected. Even if the duration of the service lease has been agreed, any party may, in the event of a serious event, terminate the contract before the expiry of that period.